Family Histories

Use one or more of the Library's 2,900 family histories arranged by family name for your genealogical research, or Ask a Librarian to look something up.

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Böhning family

Babcock family

Baber family

Babington family

Babson family

Bachmann family

Backus family

Bacon family

Badger family

Baer family

Baeske family

Bailey family

Bain family

Baird family

Baker family

Balbach family

Balch family

Baldwin family

Ball family

Ballard family

Balliet family

Ballou family

Balsley family

Banks family

Bankston family

Banning family

Barbee family

Barber family

Barbier family

Barclay family

Barefoot family

Barker family

Barkhuff family

Barkman family

Barksdale family

Barlow family

Barnes family

Barnett family

Barney family

Barnhill family

Barnitz family

Barnwell family

Bartlett family

Barton family

Bartz family

Baskin family

Baskins family

Bassett family

Basye family

Bateman family

Batemann family

Bates family

Battle family

Bauduy family

Bauer family

Baum family

Baumker family

Baxter family

Bayard family

Bayless family

Baytop family

Beal family

Beale family

Beam family

Bean family

Beardsley family

Bearse family

Beauchamp family

Beaudoin family

Beaumont family

Beauvais family

Bechtel family

Beck family

Beckwith family

Beecher family

Beekman family

Beers family

Beery family

Beinecke family

Belden family

Bell family

Bellinger family

Bellis family

Bellows family

Bellusci family

Belmont family

Bender family

Benedict family

Bennett family

Benoit family

Benson family

Bent family

Bentley family

Benton family

Benua family

Bergen family

Bergman family

Bergmann family

Berkey family

Berkshire family

Bernard family

Berndorff family

Bernstein family

Berrien family

Berry family

Berwick family

Bethea family

Betts family

Beverly family

Beville family

Biby family

Bickford family

Bicknell family

Bidwell family

Bierbaum family

Bigelow family

Biggs family

Billard family

Bingham family

Birchard family

Birdsall family

Bishop family

Bissell family

Bither family

Black family

Blackburn family

Blackman family

Blackwell family

Blaine family

Blair family

Blake family

Blakemore family

Blanchard family

Bland family

Blauw family

Bledsoe family

Blewett family

Blish family

Bliss family

Block family

Blood family

Bloss family

Blow family

Blue family

Boarman family

Boaz family

Bock family

Boddie family

Bodine family

Boehmke family

Boeswald family

Bogardus family

Boggs family

Boland family

Bolen family

Bollinger family

Bollmann family

Bolt family

Bolton family

Boltz family

Bond family

Bonebrake family

Bonham family

Bonner family

Booher family

Booker family

Boone family

Booth family

Bordeaux family

Borders family

Bordley family

Bordwell family

Borum family

Bosley family

Boss family

Bost family

Boston family

Boswell family

Botsford family

Bottomly family

Boughton family

Boul family

Bourland family

Bourn family

Bourne family

Bouton family

Bowcock family

Bowden family

Bowen family

Bowers family

Bowie family

Bowles family

Bowman family

Box family

Boyd family

Boyden family

Boydstun family

Boyer family

Boynton family

Brackett family

Bradbury family

Bradford family

Bradley family

Brainard family

Brainerd family

Bramlett family

Branch family

Brandes family

Brandon family

Brann family

Branson family

Braschler family

Brasfield family

Bray family

Brayton family

Brearley family

Breese family

Bregenzer family

Bremer family

Brenneman family

Bretz family

Brewer family

Brewster family

Breyfogle family

Brickey family

Bridgman family

Brigham family

Briley family

Brindle family

Bristol family

Britton family

Broaddus family

Brockman family

Bromfield family

Bronson family

Brooke family

Brooks family

Brothers family

Brown family

Browne family

Browning family

Brubaker family

Bruce family

Bruins family

Brumder family

Bruml family

Bruner family

Bruni family

Brunk family

Bryan family

Bryant family

Bubier family

Buchholtz family

Buchholz family

Buck family

Buckley family

Budd family

Buecher family

Buechler family

Buell family

Buford family

Bulkeley family

Bull family

Bullard family

Bullock family

Bumpus family

Bunch family

Bundy family

Burbank family

Burch family

Burdick family

Burgess family

Burghoff family

Burke family

Burkhardt family

Burnett family

Burnham family

Burns family

Burnside family

Burr family

Burrell family

Burrows family

Burt family

Burtis family

Burton family

Burwell family

Bush family

Bushart family

Bushnell family

Bushong family

Butler family

Butt family

Bybee family

Byers family

Byrd family

Byron family

Bywaters family