Family Histories

Use one or more of the Library's 2,900 family histories arranged by family name for your genealogical research, or Ask a Librarian to look something up.

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Fagin family

Fain family

Fairchild family

Fairfax family

Fairfield family

Falk family

Farley family

Farmer family

Farnese family

Farnham family

Farr family

Farrar family

Farthing family

Faulk family

Faust family

Feager family

Felchli family

Fellows family

Felt family

Felton family

Felts family

Fenno family

Fenton family

Ferebee family

Fermor family

Fernald family

Ferrers family

Ferris family

Fetty family

Fetzer family

Fewell family

Field family

Finley family

Finn family

Finney family

Fish family

Fishback family

Fisher family

Fisk family

Fitch family

Fitzalan family

Flagg family

Fleer family

Fleischer family

Fleming family

Flint family

Flowers family

Floyd family

Follmer family

Folsom family

Foraker family

Forbes family

Ford family

Fordyce family

Forst family

Forsyth family

Fort family

Fosdick family

Foskett family

Foster family

Fountain family

Fouty family

Fowler family

Fowlke family

Fox family

Frame family

Francis family

Frank family

Franklin family

Fraser family

Frazee family

Frazer family

Fread family

Frederick family

Freebody family

Freeman family

Freese family

Frels family

French family

Fretz family

Friend family

Frierson family

Fritz family

Frohse family

Frommann family

Frost family

Frye family

Fulbright family

Fulghum family

Fuller family

Fullerton family

Fulmore family

Fulton family

Funchess family

Funk family

Funsten family

Furman family

Futch family

Fyffe family

Fyler family