Family Histories

Use one or more of the Library's 2,900 family histories arranged by family name for your genealogical research, or Ask a Librarian to look something up.

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Haack family

Haag family

Haas family

Haddock family

Hadley family

Hafner family

Hagan family

Hageman family

Hager family

Hagler family

Hagman family

Haight family

Hairston family

Hale family

Hales family

Haley family

Hall family

Hallam family

Halley family

Halsey family

Halstead family

Hamblen family

Hamel family

Hamilton family

Hamlin family

Hammer family

Hammond family

Hampsten family

Hampton family

Hanchett family

Hancock family

Hanford family

Hankins family

Hanks family

Hanna family

Hannay family

Hanover family

Hansard family

Hansel family

Hansen family

Hard family

Hardaway family

Hardeick family

Hardeman family

Harding family

Hardy family

Hargrett family

Harlan family

Harless family

Harllee family

Harmon family

Harms family

Harness family

Harrell family

Harris family

Harrison family

Harroun family

Harry family

Harsch family

Hart family

Hartshorn family

Hartsough family

Hartwell family

Hartzell family

Harvey family

Harward family

Harwood family

Haskell family

Hastings family

Hatch family

Hatfield family

Hauberg family

Hausman family

Hausmann family

Haviland family

Hawes family

Hawk family

Hawkins family

Hawley family

Hawthorne family

Hayden family

Hayes family

Hayner family

Haynes family

Hayward family

Hazelton family

Heacock family

Head family

Headrick family

Heagler family

Healy family

Hearn family

Hearst family

Heathcote family

Heatherly family

Heigham family

Heil family

Heinemann family

Heiskell family

Helms family

Hemenway family

Hemings family

Hemingway family

Hemmann family

Hemsdale family

Henckel family

Henderson family

Hendricks family

Henley family

Henna family

Henroid family

Henry family

Hensgen family

Henson family

Hepburne family

Hermon family

Herndon family

Herrick family

Herrin family

Herring family

Hershey family

Hertweck family

Hess family

Heston family

Heurich family

Heusinger family

Heverly family

Hewitt family

Hewson family

Hiatt family

Hickcox family

Hickey family

Hickman family

Hicks family

Higgins family

Highfill family

Hildreth family

Hill family

Hilliker family

Hillis family

Hillman family

Hills family

Hilton family

Hines family

Hinkson family

Hinsdale family

Hinson family

Hircock family

Hirsch family

Hitchcock family

Hixson family

Hoar family

Hobart family

Hobbs family

Hobler family

Hodge family

Hodges family

Hoehn family

Hoenig family

Hoenstein family

Hoffman family

Hogan family

Hogard family

Holbert family

Holbrook family

Holcomb family

Holekamp family

Hollar family

Holleran family

Hollon family

Holloway family

Holman family

Holmes family

Holt family

Holton family

Holtz family

Hontz family

Hoo family

Hook family

Hoover family

Hope family

Hopen family

Hopkins family

Hopper family

Hord family

Hornaday family

Horner family

Hornish family

Hornyold family

Horton family

Hoskins family

Hosmer family

Hotchkiss family

Hough family

Houston family

Hout family

Howard family

Howe family

Howell family

Howland family

Howry family

Hoxie family

Hoye family

Hoyle family

Hoyt family

Hubbard family

Hubbell family

Huber family

Huff family

Huger family

Hughes family

Hughey family

Hull family

Hulpiau family

Hulse family

Humphrey family

Hundepohl family

Hunkins family

Hunloke family

Hunt family

Hunter family

Hurd family

Hurdle family

Hurley family

Hurst family

Hurt family

Huson family

Hussmann family

Hutchins family

Hutzel family

Huxley family

Hyatt family

Hyde family

Hyre family