Family Histories

Use one or more of the Library's 2,900 family histories arranged by family name for your genealogical research, or Ask a Librarian to look something up.

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Lacy family

Lademann family

Laflin family

Lain family

Lake family

Lamar family

Lamb family

Lambert family

Lammey family

Lamont family

Lampton family

Lancaster family

Landis family

Landreth family

Landrum family

Landsaw family

Lane family

Lang family

Langdon family

Lanham family

Lanier family

Lanphere family

Larrimore family

Lash family

Latotski family

Laufer family

LaVenture family

Lawrence family

Lawson family

Lawton family

Layne family

Layton family

Le Baron family

Le Blount family

Leaming family

Learned family

Lebre family

LeClercq family

Lederach family

Lee family

Leese family

Leete family

Lehman family

Lehmann family

Leiber family

Leighton family

Leipham family

Leiter family

Lemmon family

Lempriere family

Lenher family

Lent family

Lentz family

Leonard family

Lepper family

Leslie family

Letham family

LeVan family

Lewis family

Libby family

Lich family

Lichte family

Lightner family

Ligon family

Liming family

Lincoln family

Lindall family

Lindbergh family

Lindevig family

Lindsay family

Lindsley family

Linnell family

Lippitt family

Littig family

Little family

Littler family

Littleton family

Lively family

Livermore family

Livers family

Lloyd family

Lockett family

Lockhart family

Locoul family

Lodge family

Logan family

London family

Lonergan family

Long family

Look family

Looke family

Loomer family

Loomis family

Lord family

Loring family

Lothrop family

Lott family

Lovelace family

Lovell family

Loving family

Lowe family

Lowell family

Lowry family

Loy family

Loznak family

Lucas family

Lucius family

Luckett family

Luckey family

Lucy family

Ludlow family

Lufkin family

Luley family

Lundy family

Lung family

Lupfer family

Lush family

Luttrell family

Lybarger family

Lyda family

Lyerly family

Lyle family

Lynch family

Lynde family

Lynn family

Lyon family

Lyons family

Lytle family

Lyttelton family