Family Histories

Use one or more of the Library's 2,900 family histories arranged by family name for your genealogical research, or Ask a Librarian to look something up.

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Mabry family

MacArthur family

Macbeth family

MacCarthy family

Macchi family

Macdonald family

Machette family

Machir family

MacIsaac family

Mack family

Mackenzie family

MacNeil family

Macon family

Madden family

Maddox family

Magnus family

Magoon family

Magoun family

Magruder family

Mahan family

Maigrot family

Major family

Malbon family

Mall family

Mallett family

Malone family

Maloney family

Mange family

Mangum family

Manning family

Mansur family

Many family

Maples family

Marbury family

Marchand family

Marcy family

Maritz family

Mark family

Markham family

Markley family

Marmion family

Marrott family

Marrs family

Marsh family

Marshall family

Martense family

Martiau family

Martin family

Marty family

Marvin family

Mason family

Massey family

Masters family

Mather family

Mathias family

Matlock family

Matthews family

Mattingly family

Mattison family

Maupin family

Maurer family

Mauzey family

Maxwell family

May family

Mayes family

Mayhew family

Maynard family

Mayo family

Mazur family

McAlley family

McArthur family

McCain family

McCall family

McCalla family

McCallum family

McCann family

McCarron family

McChesney family

McClain family

McClung family

McClure family

McColley family

McConnell family

McCorkle family

McCormick family

McCoy family

McCreery family

McCue family

McCune family

McCurdy family

McCutchen family

McDaniel family

McDonald family

McDonnell family

McDougall family

McDowell family

McElroy family

McEwan family

McFarland family

McGee family

McGiffin family

McGrath family

McGregor family

McGuire family

McHench family

McIlhaney family

McIntosh family

McInturff family

McIntyre family

McKay family

McKee family

McKelvey family

McKibben family

McKim family

McKinley family

McKinney family

McLean family

McLeod family

McMahon family

McMath family

McMurphy family

McMurtry family

McNail family

McNair family

McNeil family

McNulty family

McNutt family

McPhail family

McPherson family

McPike family

McSpadden family

McTaggart family

Mead family

Meade family

Meador family

Meadows family

Means family

Meeker family

Mellon family

Melugin family

Mendall family

Mepham family

Mercer family

Merner family

Merrill family

Merry family

Merryman family

Mertens family

Merwin family

Messenger family

Messinger family

Metcalf family

Michel family

Middleton family

Midyett family

Milam family

Miles family

Milhous family

Milk family

Miller family

Million family

Mills family

Mincher family

Miner family

Minkler family

Minnis family

Minor family

Mitchell family

Mock family

Modde family

Modenbach family

Moelk family

Moffat family

Moffatt family

Mohon family

Moll family

Molyneux family

Moncure family

Monnig family

Monroe family

Montague family

Moody family

Moon family

Moore family

Moorman family

Moran family

Mordecai family

Morgan family

Morrell family

Morrill family

Morris family

Morrison family

Morrow family

Morsch family

Morse family

Morton family

Mosberger family

Moser family

Mosley family

Moss family

Mott family

Mottern family

Mottier family

Moule family

Mowry family

Moyer family

Muckerman family

Mudd family

Mudge family

Mueller family

Muench family

Muerner family

Mulford family

Mullanphy family

Mulligan family

Murphy family

Murray family

Musick family

Musset family

Myers family