Family Histories

Use one or more of the Library's 2,900 family histories arranged by family name for your genealogical research, or Ask a Librarian to look something up.

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Radford family

Radtke family

Radziwill family

Ragland family

Railey family

Rainey family

Rallo family

Ramey family

Ramsey family

Rand family

Randall family

Randolph family

Rankin family

Rapp family

Rash family

Rassieur family

Rathert family

Rauch family

Rawson family

Raymond family

Raymoure family

Raynard family

Read family

Rector family

Redden family

Redfern family

Redway family

Reed family

Rees family

Reese family

Reeter family

Reeve family

Regan family

Reiger family

Reineking family

Reinemann family

Remick family

Renick family

Renison family

Renneker family

Renninger family

Rettinger family

Reuther family

Revercomb family

Reyburn family

Reynolds family

Rezabek family

Rhodes family

Rice family

Rich family

Richards family

Ricker family

Ricketts family

Ricks family

Riddle family

Rideout family

Rider family

Ridgely family

Riegel family

Riggs family

Riley family

Rinehart family

Ring family

Ringwalt family

Risley family

Ritchey family

Ritchie family

Roach family

Roark family

Robbins family

Roberts family

Robertson family

Robey family

Robidoux family

Robie family

Robinson family

Roderick family

Rodick family

Roe family

Roesch family

Roesner family

Rogers family

Rohrbach family

Rohrbough family

Rohrer family

Rolfe family

Roller family

Rondeau family

Roosevelt family

Roper family

Rose family

Roseberry family

Roseboom family

Rosebrugh family

Rosebush family

Rosenberg family

Ross family

Rosskopf family

Rothermel family

Rothwell family

Rotz family

Round family

Rounds family

Rouse family

Roussin family

Routier family

Rowe family

Rowell family

Rowley family

Rowold family

Roy family

Royal family

Rozier family

Rubel family

Rubincam family

Rucker family

Rudd family

Ruddell family

Rudolph family

Rudy family

Ruf family

Ruffner family

Ruggles family

Rugh family

Ruppert family

Rushbrook family

Russ family

Russell family

Rust family

Rutherman family

Ryerson family