Family Histories

Use one or more of the Library's 2,900 family histories arranged by family name for your genealogical research, or Ask a Librarian to look something up.

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Sabin family

Sackett family

Safford family

Sage family

Saint-Gal family

Salisbury family

Sampson family

Sams family

Sandford family

Sands family

Sandy family

Sandys family

Sanford family

Sankey family

Sargent family

Sass family

Sassoon family

Saunders family

Sausser family

Savage family

Savary family

Savitsky family

Sawtell family

Sawyer family

Saylor family

Scaggs family

Scarlet family

Schapiro family

Schatz family

Schemel family

Schenk family

Scheperle family

Schieber family

Schlitt family

Scholl family

Schooley family

Schramm family

Schrock family

Schroeder family

Schultz family

Schutt family

Schuyler family

Schwartz family

Schwenk family

Schwier family

Scofield family

Scothorn family

Scott family

Scoville family

Scribner family

Scudder family

Seager family

Seaman family

Searight family

Seaton family

Seavey family

Sebree family

Sedgley family

Seeck family

Seibert family

Seitz family

Selby family

Selden family

Self family

Sell family

Senturia family

Seton family

Settle family

Severance family

Sevier family

Sewall family

Sewell family

Seyfert family

Seymour family

Shaffer family

Shafto family

Sharp family

Sharpless family

Shartle family

Shaver family

Shaw family

Shearer family

Shearmire family

Sheckler family

Shedd family

Sheehan family

Shelburne family

Shelby family

Shelley family

Shelton family

Shepard family

Sherborn family

Sherman family

Sherwin family

Sherwood family

Shields family

Shipley family

Shipway family

Shook family

Short family

Shotwell family

Shreve family

Shupe family

Sibley family

Siddall family

Siggins family

Sigler family

Silliman family

Silver family

Simmonds family

Simmons family

Simms family

Simonson family

Simonton family

Simpson family

Sine family

Sink family

Sinnett family

Sinnott family

Sippel family

Sitton family

Sizer family

Skaggs family

Skelton family

Skidmore family

Skinner family

Skipwith family

Slagle family

Slattery family

Slay family

Slocum family

Small family

Smart family

Smathers family

Smell family

Smith family

Smola family

Snead family

Snoddy family

Snow family

Snyder family

Soane family

Somerby family

Soulard family

South family

Sowers family

Spacek family

Spaid family

Sparrow family

Speake family

Spears family

Spelman family

Spence family

Spencer family

Spies family

Spiller family

Spitze family

Spotts family

Sprague family

Squire family

Stafford family

Stamm family

Standish family

Stanford family

Stanley family

Stanton family

Staples family

Starbuck family

Stark family

Starkey family

Staudt family

Stauffer family

Stecher family

Steckel family

Steele family

Steen family

Steffy family

Stein family

Stephens family

Stepp family

Sterling family

Stern family

Stevens family

Stewart family

Stiffler family

Stiles family

Still family

Stimson family

Stinard family

Stinnett family

Stockton family

Stoddard family

Stone family

Storer family

Stout family

Stovall family

Stover family

Stowe family

Strachey family

Stratton family

Street family

Stringer family

Strock family

Stroebe family

Strong family

Strother family

Stroud family

Stryker family

Stuart family

Stubbs family

Stueland family

Stuenkel family

Stump family

Stuntz family

Sturgeon family

Stutz family

Sullins family

Sullivan family

Summers family

Sumner family

Sutton family

Swancey family

Swann family

Swanton family

Swecker family

Sweeney family

Sweet family

Swenson family

Swift family

Swink family

Swisher family

Sydenham family

Sydnor family

Sykes family

Symmes family