Family Histories

Use one or more of the Library's 2,900 family histories arranged by family name for your genealogical research, or Ask a Librarian to look something up.

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Wade family

Waggoner family

Wagle family

Wagner family

Wagschal family

Waite family

Wake family

Walker family

Wall family

Wallace family

Wallach family

Waller family

Walley family

Walsh family

Walter family

Walton family

Wampler family

Warbasse family

Ward family

Wardell family

Ware family

Warfield family

Warne family

Warner family

Warren family

Wartenbe family

Warwick family

Waser family

Wassell family

Waterman family

Waters family

Wathen family

Watkins family

Watson family

Waugh family

Weaver family

Webb family

Webber family

Webley family

Webster family

Wedgwood family

Weeks family

Wegener family

Weger family

Wehmeyer family

Wehrle family

Weir family

Weitkamp family

Welch family

Weld family

Weldon family

Wellcome family

Welles family

Wells family

Welton family

Welty family

Wendell family

Wendt family

Wenneker family

Wentz family

Wernecke family

Wesley family

West family

Westlake family

Weston family

Wetzel family

Weyer family

Weygandt family

Whalen family

Wharton family

Wheatley family

Wheeler family

Whiddon family

Whipple family

Whisler family

Whitaker family

Whitcomb family

White family

Whitener family

Whitin family

Whiting family

Whitman family

Whitmore family

Whitney family

Whittier family

Wierman family

Wiggins family

Wightman family

Wike family

Wilbur family

Wilder family

Wildrick family

Wiley family

Wilford family

Wilkes family

Willan family

Willard family

Willcomb family

Willett family

Willey family

Williams family

Williard family

Willis family

Wilmarth family

Wilmeth family

Wilmot family

Wilmoth family

Wilner family

Wilson family

Wiltsie family

Windham family

Wing family

Wingate family

Winn family

Winship family

Winslow family

Winston family

Winthrop family

Wisdom family

Wise family

Witham family

Withers family

Witsell family

Witt family

Woestman family

Wolcott family

Wolfe family

Wolfson family

Wollman family

Wolman family

Woltz family

Wood family

Woodall family

Woodburn family

Woodman family

Woodring family

Woodruff family

Woods family

Woodson family

Woodward family

Woolsey family

Wooten family

Wright family

Wuerz family

Wyatt family

Wyche family

Wyckoff family

Wyer family

Wyeth family

Wyman family

Wyss family