Allen family

Allen family (James Allen, d. 1676)

  1. Genealogical sketches of the Allen family of Medfield : with an account of the celebration of the golden wedding of Ellis and Lucy Allen : with the address read at the same time : also an account of the golden wedding of Gershom and Abigail [Allen] Adams / by their elder brother, Joseph Allen.

Allen family (Nathaniel Allen, 1699-1770).

  1. Allen-Isham genealogy. Jirah Isham Allen, Montana pioneer, government scout, guide, interpreter and famous hunter, during four years of Indian warfare in Montana and Dakota. From 1839 to 1929. By Mary Allen Phinney.

Allen family (Robert Allen, ca. 1695-1769).

  1. Some early settlers, being a history of the following families: Allen, Littler, Metcalfe, Shouse, and short sketches of the following families: Barhyte, Barret and Cousisns, by Mary Cousins McCabe.

Allen family (Samuel Allen, 1751-1828).

  1. Allen history and genealogy, by George W. Allen.

Allen family (Walter Allen, of Newbury, Mass., d. 1681).

  1. Walter Allen of Newbury, Mass., 1640, and some of his descendants. With a few notes on the Allen family in general. By Allen H. Bent...

Allen family (William Allen, 1602-1679).

  1. The Allens; from William Allen (1602-1679) of Manchester, England, and of Salem and Manchester, Massachusetts, in the direct line of descent through Nathaniel Allen (1744-1789) of Beverly, Massachusetts, and Sedgwick, Maine, to Lt. Raymond Frederick Allen, Jr. (1931- ) of Rochester, New York, with certain other descendants and collaterals, compiled by Raymond F. Allen ...

Allen family.

  1. The Allens of Little Egypt : Egypt is that one-hundred mile tip of southern Illinois, hemmed in on three sides by the Mississippi, Ohio and Wabash rivers / by Hardy Lee Hiram Allen ; compiled and edited by Corben Elko Allen ; with the assistance of Anne V. (Allen) Peterson and Mina T. (Nui) Allen.
  2. Flower-Allen-Osborn; the lineal ancestors and descendants of Ransom and Amanda Allen Osborn of Oak Hill, Greene County, New York, compiled by Albert Osborn.
  3. Historic families of Kentucky : with special reference to stocks immediately derived from the Valley of Virginia; tracing in detail their various genealogical connexions [sic] and illustrating from historic sources their influence upon the political and social development of Kentucky and the states of the South and West / By Thomas Marshall Green.
  4. [Newkirk-Allen-Bradford-Kuhn-Bell-Barnes ancestral lines] / Emma Newkirk Barnes.
  5. Our ancestors and their descendants who were among the first settlers at Ector and Bonham, Fannin County, Texas, by Vivian and Brenda Newingham.
  6. Our children's ancestry, by Sarah Cantey Whitaker Allen.
  7. Ozark pioneers / compiled by Vickie Layton Cobb.
  8. Peers & allied families : Allen, Lawrence & Sturtevant / compiled by Frances Bedard.
  9. Pioneer families of the Midwest, by Blanche L. Walden.
  10. Roberts-Allen families and related families, Davis, Highfill, Rogers / compiled by Merritt E. Roberts.