Surnames beginning with C

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Cabanne, Morris

Cabanne, Stella M.

Cabanne, Stella Mc Nair

Cacy, Maggie

Cadden, Catherine

Cady, Harry

Caffer, Anna

Cagney, James

Cahill, Andrew

Cahill, Ellen

Cahill, William

Cain, Elizabeth

Calahan, Timothy

Calcatera, Rosie

Cale, Hebert M.

Calhoun, John

Callahan, Elizabeth

Callahan, Johanna

Callahan, John Francis

Callahan, John J.

Callahan, Margaret

Calley, Della

Callin, Ernest

Calloinize. Benjamin

Calvert, Eliza

Camay, Mary E.

Camerata, Rosa

Cameron, Alexander

Campbell, (Hon.) Thomas

Campbell, Anna Mary

Campbell, Eliza

Campbell, Eliza B.

Campbell, James Alexander

Campbell, Maggie L.

Campbell, Mathew

Campnelli, Lucinda J.

Canivoiseer, Mary

Cann, William

Cannon, Katie

Cantoni, Antonio

Cantoni, Mary

Cantwell, Anne

Cantwell, Jane

Canty, Mary

Capen, Henrietta

Cappel, Casper

Carey, Michael

Carey, Philip

Carlsan, Elvira

Carman, Edward

Carman, Jennie C.

Carney, Catherine

Carney, John F.

Carr, (STLPD) Winslow A.

Carr, Annie

Carr, Julian

Carr, Theresa

Carrac, James

Carroll, Johanna

Carroll, Joseph

Carroll, Julia Loretta

Carroll, M. J.

Carroll, Mary

Carroll, Michael

Carter, Alfred

Carus, Wilhelmina

Cary, Katherine

Case, Delia A.

Casen, Cara

Casey, Austin

Casey, Cornelius

Casey, Edward

Casey, Henry R.

Casick, Mary

Cass, James

Cassidy, Mary

Cassidy, Thomas

Castello, Elizabeth C.

Cates, Selence D.

Catto, Joseph

Caughlan, (Rev.) D.

Caulfield, Mary

Cavanaugh, (STLFD) Daniel

Cerise, Henry

Chadick, John

Chadwick, Martha

Chalfant, Leslie

Chamberlain, J.

Chambers, Alma

Chambers, Myrtle

Chambers, Nannie

Champion, Henry

Champion, Kate

Chandela, Jackson

Chandler, C. L.

Chapman, Bessie

Chapman, Elizabeth G.

Chapman, H. L.

Charlton, Tabitha

Charreat, Annie

Chartrand, Margaret

Chase, Eli O.

Chastey, Stacia

Cheney, William E.

Chenie, Marie Louise

Cherot, Marie Clemance

Chesley, Clarence

Chesnutt, Rowena A.

Chevois, Hattie

Childs, A.

Chipley, Louella Dean

Christie, William P.

Christman, Joseph

Christophel, John C.

Christopher, August

Christopher, Edward

Cintel, Bertha

Cissell, (Sister) Leontine

Clamnell, Mary

Clancy, James

Clancy, Mary Jane

Clark, Alexander

Clark, Charles

Clark, Daisey

Clark, Edward

Clark, John

Clark, Mary

Clark, Patrick

Clark, Thomas

Clark, William Henry

Clarke, Alice

Clarkson, Elizabeth

Clary, Catherine

Clay, Maggie

Cleary, Thomas

Clifford, ____ Morton

Clifford, Catherine

Clifford, Josephine ‘Josie’

Clinton, Mary

Clung, (Sister) M. Dominic

Coakley, Elizabeth

Coan, Elizabeth

Coan, Henry

Coass, Robert

Cobb, John

Cobb, Mary A.

Cockrill, Mary A.

Codes, Caspar

Codle, Chloe E.

Coffey, Maria

Coffin, Joseph E.

Cogan, Frank

Coghlan, Eliza A.

Cohn, Daniel

Cojacob, Vanita

Coker, William

Cole, (premature)

Cole, George

Cole, Herbert M.

Cole, Irene

Cole, Mattie

Cole, Roy

Coleburn, Martha

Coleman, Louis

Coleman, Maria

Coleman, Martha

Coles, Thomas

Collins, Ida J.

Collins, Ida Kate

Collins, Irene

Collins, Jimmie

Collins, John

Collins, John M.

Collins, Martin

Collins, Richard

Collins, William P.

Colon, Dennis

Colonius, Eva

Comely, Dennis

Comstock, Josephine Flint

Concoran, Philip

Condie, Mary Clara

Condon, (Off., STLPD) James

Condon, Michael D.

Condon, Patrick

Confuses, Mary

Connell, Laura

Connelly, Mary

Connely, Ann

Connoly, Ann

Connor, John

Connor, Maggie

Connor, William E.

Connors, Blanche

Connors, C. C.

Connors, Ellen

Connors, Jennie

Connors, Mary

Connors, Peter

Conoly, Dennis

Conrad, Frank

Conrad, Joseph

Conrad, Julius

Conroy, Katie Stella

Conroy, Louis

Contassi, Mary

Contreni, Johanna

Coogan, Elizabeth

Cook, Sarah

Cooke, Maria

Cooke, William Albert

Cooley, Michael

Coons, Annie

Cooper Harry

Cooper, Dorley

Cooper, William

Copeland, Sadie

Corcoran, James

Corcoran, Mary

Corcoran, Philip

Cordell, Ed H.

Corning, May

Corroy, Orval

Costello, Todd

Cotter, P. J.

Cougan, Anna

Cougherty, Frank W.

Coughlin, Maurice

Councelle, Catherine

Coutilon, Margaretta

Couts, William T.

Cowan, Charles H.

Cowell, Paul

Cox, Mary

Coyle, Bridget

Coyne, Mary

Cozens, William A.

Cradick, John

Cragel, George

Craig, Amanda B.

Craig, Dora

Craig, Emma

Craig, Marion

Crane, Arden M.

Cratz, Emilie

Crawford, Eliza

Crawford, Mary Lodeme

Creasser, Richard F.

Creedon, Robert

Cregan, Edward

Cremer, John

Crenson, Alma

Cressan, Anne

Crinnion, John J.

Crofe, Mary

Cromer, Domia

Cronin, John T.

Cronin, Timothy F.

Cross, Anna

Cross, Josiah

Cross, Russell

Crossmeyer, Harry Raimond

Crow, Mary Doyle

Crowley, Annie

Crowley, Michael

Cruesan, Clara

Crystal, Esther

Cuddy, Stephen

Cull, John

Cullen, James

Cullen, Michael

Cullinane, John

Cullinane, Mari

Cummingham, Agnes

Cummings, Dominick

Cummings, Thomas

Cummins, George S.

Cummiskey, Alice

Cummiskey, Bridget

Cunningham, Alma

Cunningham, Emily

Cunningham, John

Cunningham, Michael P.

Cunningham, Nicholas P.

Curran, May

Curran, Patrick

Currier, May

Curtis, Amanda S.

Curtis, Johnnie

Curtis, Lille

Cushing, Michael

Cushman, Ellen