Surnames beginning with A

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A’Hearn, Catherine

Abban, Mary A.

Abbath, Mary

Abel, Elizabeth

Aberlohmann, Harry

Ackerman, Mary Annie

Adamece, Frank

Adams, Jeanie

Adams, Mary Jane

Adams, Nellie

Adams, Robert

Adkins, William

Agricola, Alma

Ahlert, Annie

Ahner, Frederick J.

Ahrens, Julius

Ahring, A. William

Albesser, Louise

Albin, (Dr.) Robert

Albrecht, Anna M.

Albrecht, Maria P.

Alcock, John Henry

Alewel, Augusta

Alexander, Lozard

Allen, Eugenia L.

Allen, Helen G.

Allen, Norey P.

Allen, Sylvester

Alleprupe, Harry

Allison, Elizabeth A.

Almguist, Francis

Almon, Daniel J.

Alt, Allison

Altenkirch, Frank

Althea, Agnes

Althol, Albert

Alvard, George

Ambrose, Eugene

Amelung, Catherine

Amoretti, Camilla

Anders, Mary

Anderson, Benjamin

Anderson, Charles R.

Anderson, Clara

Anderson, Emily L.

Anderson, George W. Jr.

Anderson, John

Anderson, L. T.

Anderson, Lena

Anderson, Madie W.

Anderson, Mamie

Anderson, Matilda

Anderson, Peter

Anderson, Robert

Anderson, Rose

Anderson, Sarah

Anderson, Sophia F.

Anderson, Stedsy

Anderson, Warren

Andre, George

Andreas, Pauline

Andrews, Neally

Andrews, Samuel

Andtress, Theresa

Angelo, Frank Jr.

Anner, Frederick J.

Ansel, Jake

Ansell, William

Anshcutz, Edna

Anslyn, Emma

Any, Anna

Apel, Christine

Archambault, Corabel Blanche

Armstrong, Bettie

Arndt, George Frederick

Arndt, M. E.

Arnot, Anderson

Ashbrook, Levi L.

Ashby, William W.

Ashley, Mary E.

Ashley, Mollie

Asmuth, Elizabeth

Atam, May

Atwell, James

Auffernan, Louis

Aughivan, John

Aust, William

Austin, Edward S.

Authews, Frank E.

Aviel, Mary

Awe, Dora