Surnames beginning with A

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Aabdain, Frank

Abe, Augustus

Abeles, George

Abram, Fred

Abrams, Israel

Adam, Eva E.

Adam, Willie F.

Adams, Benjamin

Adams, George

Adams, J. P.

Adams, James T.

Adams, John

Adams, Kizzie

Adams, Louie

Adams, Michael

Adams, Stephen

Adams,Walter Valentine

Adreon, Josephine M.

Adreveno, Giovanni B.

Agnew, Charles

Ahearn, John F.

Ahern, Cornelius

Ahern, James B.

Ahern, Robert Emmett

Ahlbrandt, (Dr.) Henry E.

Ahlers, Annie

Ahner, Arthur N.

Aiker, Mollie

Aken, Alexander P.

Albers, George F.

Albers, Louis

Albers, Theodore

Albrecht, Elizabeth M.

Albrecht, Paul

Aldrich, Isabel

Aldrich, Mary

Alexander, Blanche

Alexander, David

Alexander, Fannie

Aligeier, August

Allen, (Rev.) Joseph S.

Allen, C. C.

Allen, Florence E.

Allen, Martha A.

Allen, O. B.

Alles, Maggie

Alleyne, (Dr.) Jeremiah S. B.

Alt, Mary

Altekruse, Louis

Altena, John G.

Altnether, Alves

Altnether, John

Amaler, Kate

Ameiss, Louisa

Amelung, (State Senator) John H.

Ames, Edward Oakes

Ames, Thomas

Amrie, Frank

Anderson, Ada

Anderson, Bertha

Anderson, Ella C.

Anderson, Flora E.

Anderson, George

Anderson, Gillie

Anderson, Ione

Anderson, Lee Massey

Anderson, Thomas W.

Anderson, William I.

Andre, Oliver J.

Andrews, Blanche

Andrews, Cellie

Andrews, Ella M.

Andrieson, Lily

Anetzberger, Thomas

Angelbeck, August W.

Anger, Edna C.

Anger, Ida

Annis, Mary J.

Anselme, Florence L.

Ansen, Bertha M.

Anthes, George

Anthes, Lizzette F.

Anula, John

Appel, Augusta

Appel, Elizabeth

Applegate, Joseph

Applegate, Lindsay

Aquipersa, Rosa

Archambault, Mary

Archambeault, Joseph

Arkbauer, Henry

Armstrong, Arthur

Armstrong, John Clayton

Armstrong, Mary B.

Armstrong, Thomas V.

Arnheim, May

Arnold, C. B.

Arnold, Catherine

Arnold, Goldie

Arthur, Angelina T.

Aschoff, Katy

Ash, Julius

Asheler, Bernhardina

Ashmer, Frank

Atkins, Angelina S.

Atkinson, (Off.) John J.

Atkinson, James

Atty, Andras

Atwood, (Mrs.) E. J.

Aude, Wilhelmina

Auermac, Willis

Aufdembinke, Wilhemine Elsie

Aufdembrick, Henry C.

Auger, Carl F.

Augustus, John

Aurich, Otto

Austin, Florence

Auston, Charles E.

Avery, Charles Walter

Aves, Mary

Aye, Frederick W.

Ayers, George Marsh

Aylward, John